About Iris

Whirlwind, Iris DeMauro, was born on Okinawa, Japan during Typhoon Iris and appropriately bequeathed the name. Daughter of Michael and Yoshiko DeMauro, of American and Japanese heritage, she lived in Japan through high school and is fluent in Japanese, Okinawan, English and some Spanish. She was educated at Sophia University in Tokyo, and then the University of California Berkeley where she received a BA degree in Psychology. She moved to New York City to receive a BFA Degree in Environmental Design from Parson’s School of Design.

At age 12, she came across a life changing book by Jack LaLanne titled, “Foods for Glamour” where he described himself as a “skinny weakling” and wrote about his odyssey on the path to health.  He writes about drinking quarts of blood, carrot juice and other unusual things in the quest for the magnificent health he was eventually able to attain.  This book triggered her lifelong interest in natural health.

She learned transcendental meditation at the age of 20 and has found that it has been the most valuable and profound experience in her life.  A varied background that began in the fashion and beauty field evolved into the world of design.  This led to her former professional career as a designer.  Her interests expanded again into the world of alternative healing with the long term illness of her father, leading her deeper into metaphysics and spiritualism. Being married to a vascular surgeon furthered her curiosity as to why some of us do not heal. This led to many years of studying alternative medicine and more natural based healing methods and founding of the research center located near Sandpoint, Idaho.

She has investigated alternative healing modalities for more than 14 years using non-invasive quantum devices such as the QXCIINDIGO, and LIFE SYSTEM that tap into the subconscious stresses causing illness. The Russian SCENAR device, developed by the former Russian space agency for their astronauts’ use in space, is used on the skin to manage a variety of ailments including pain-related pathologies. Physicist Dr. Konstantin Korotkov’s GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) Aura camera, also from Russia, is used to find energy losses in the auric field and to locate centers of illness. Rife frequency technology is used to promote healing through wellness frequencies and cancellation fequencies. The Vibroacoustic Sound Healing Table is used to generate healing through sound. Links to some of the devices used at the center are included here for your information only. No equipment is sold at the center.

GDV – www.GDVCamera.com

INDIGO – www.TheQuantumAlliance.com/indigo

LIFE SYSTEM – www.LifeSystemDevice.com/aboutus

QXCI – www.QuantumEnergyWellness.com/index-7.htm

RIFE – www.TrueRife.com

SCENAR – www.Scenar.info/scenar-information.html

VIBROACOUSTIC TABLE – www.VibroAcoustic.org


As a certified Reconnection practitioner, Iris uses Dr. Eric Pearl’s Reconnection system to bring in higher dimensional healing energy. (Please visit TheReconnection.com and see book: The Field by Lynn McTaggart.) Although natural methods are always favored initially, in an acute emergency, or when necessary, allopathic methods are recommended. It is Iris DeMauro’s belief that all forms of healing must be judiciously combined for healing to occur.

Her work with the Solfeggio tones began 10 years ago as the protégée of the late Dr. Joseph Puleo, a naturopathic doctor and herbalist, who discovered the first 6 of the Solfeggio tones. (Please see book: Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse.) Additional Solfeggio tones have been discovered by her recent work with GW Hardin creating the Grand Solfeggio set. The tones create growth and healing through a system called Cymatics. Cymatics is simply a phenomenon where particular sounds or tones create specific shapes within matter. In the case of the Solfeggios, these very specific tones heal and correct the shape of DNA (please see Iris’ website, the GrandSolfeggio.com, for further information regarding this).

One of her underlying theories is that when DNA is formed into a particular shape, a phenomenon called fractal recursion can occur allowing a much more efficient system for the organism’s life force to sustain. Another consideration may be that when the DNA is aligned in its proper shape and position, it can naturally connect to the other bits of DNA that have been disconnected for a very long period, according to ancient writings. Modern day scientists have been calling these bits “junk” DNA. If a higher order could be established in the DNA, many more capabilities and dimensions should become accessible to the average person. Preliminary research seems to indiciate that this is so. Reports of healing, telepathy, increased intuition, astral travel and many other phenomenon are becoming more frequent with those using the tones. The tones may be played at a very low volume as they have been found to be extremely annoying to some.

The research center is also the base for an experiment in a sustainable future community where alternative growing methods are being investigated. Monolithic Dome structures are in place and Growing Spaces geodesic greenhouses are used for growing food.  Sonic Bloom technology is used to encourage plants to grow to their fullest capacity by frequencies that mimic the songs of birds. These frequencies have been shown to actually open up the stomata on the underside of leaves so they obtain nutrients directly from the air.

MONOLITHIC DOME – www.Monolithic.com

GROWING SPACES – www.Geodesic-Greenhouse-Kits.com

SONIC BLOOM – OriginalSonicBloom.com


Today, with telepathic powers that have recently surfaced after a major kundalini experience, more time is spent on metaphysical work and helping others through spiritual and long distance healing. Many healers are able to see within the body to correct energy patterns. According to Dr. Valerie Hunt, professor emeritus, 40 years at UCLA (ValerieVHunt.com) disease first begins in the energy field surrounding the body and then reaches the physical body. Working with the energy field of the human body was a prime focus of the work with Dr. Puleo. He was fond of saying, “We are to become the machine,” referring to the work with the quantum devices. With her many psychic friends and scientists living around the world, the fascinating research progresses on a daily basis. Plans are underway to build a metaphysical school called the University of the Higher Realms and another school for children is planned in Japan.

Iris’ only certainty in this very uncertain world is that the more one knows, how little one really knows: life is a continuously unfolding, magnificent adventure. Many other projects are in progress.

More to come . . .